Who is the average gambler?

Online gambling is popular among many, but can we say anything about what characterizes the typical gambler? Is it women or men who put money on the line? How often do we actually gamble? And what are our favourite games? This article takes a closer look.

Women have become avid online gamblers

While men may still outnumber men in terms of gambling, betting and odds, women have caught up. New statistics. and studies show that women are actually quite keen on gambling. Like a fun game on their smartphone when they have the time, but also more concentrated and not just for fun. For 50% of women and 52% of men, online gaming has become a fairly regular part of life. This includes gaming, but certainly also gambling and playing from home. Also, or actually especially, when it comes to online bingo.

Bingo goes fast

There has always been a strong preference for playing bingo, especially among women. But it used to take place at the bingo hall or at club events, and it was a social event. Of course, people also came to win prizes, but it was just as much about fun and socializing. And of course, that’s still there, but as things stand, the participants have changed to some extent. Now it’s all the rage for younger people under 35 to go to bingo in the city. They have found out that bingo actually requires more than you might think. You have to concentrate because it goes fast, but there is also time to get to know other people. It’s kind of funny to see that, in a way, it’s a step back to the original style of bingo.

Online anywhere

At the same time, though, men are the ones who play poker, roulette and blackjack at online casinos, while women mostly stick to the “softer” games. Women often play more for fun, to get away from it all, for pleasure and entertainment, and to get an adrenaline rush, especially when they win something – because that counts on the plus side. So when you have time on the train, on the sofa or in the garden, why not take a chance? And the smartphone is always with most people.

We’re digital

There’s no doubt that Canadians are gambling like never before, and that’s probably due to many things. It’s easy to get to with the many Canadian-licensed gaming providers now available, and it’s easy to play online. As a customer, the providers take in hand, and everyone can find a game they like, and even with a welcome bonus. And our world and everyday life has long since become very digital. We use the internet for almost everything – on our phones, computers and tablets. We go on Facebook, watch films and TV shows, read newspapers, buy things and pay our bills. So it’s no wonder that bingo, gambling, betting, casino, slot machines and more have moved into the living room. The leap to try your luck at gambling is not at all far but a natural part of evolution.

Home fun with online gambling

For many, it’s more comfortable just to stay at home and play whenever you feel like it, and online, there are new games almost all the time. So there is a lot to choose from, also in terms of wallet. You can see that there is most turnover on Friday and Saturday evenings, but at the same time, it goes with the fact that a lot of people sometimes go to a physical casino at the weekend.

But that’s it for the atmosphere. The fun. That can be delivered at home to a certain extent. Because you can be online with other players, and many providers have a chat function, so you do not actually feel that you are sitting alone. Moreover, the online casino is open 24 hours a day, all year round. It is hard to say whether the myth that bingo players are particularly fond of pets, especially cats, holds water. But one could argue that online gamblers are more at home with their pets!

It also goes without saying that interest in online gambling is here to stay. It certainly hasn’t peaked yet. Because that’s how many people get a good thrill into life – like those who play the Lotto every week and also wait for the big win.

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