Mobile Casino: the portable versions of the new online casinos

A recent market survey aimed at investigating the consumption habits of digital gaming users revealed that 72% of respondents use their mobile devices to play games. Given the incredible success of smartphones, compared to consoles and desktops, as preferred tools for gaming in general, it should come as no surprise that mobile casinos are gaining the same popularity. A recent survey has even revealed that about 30% of the games played in online casinos come from smartphones and tablets. The operators most sensitive to market trends have clearly not been idle. The report indicates that 66% of casinos have invested significant resources in creating and developing casino apps to capture an increasing share of players.

These percentages give a better measure of the phenomenon when translated into numbers, so we are talking about 150 million spent on mobile gambling with a growth of about 56%.

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Jackpot City

C$300 + 20 Cash Freespins

600+ games

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Mega Slot

$500 + 500 Spins

700+ games

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Nitro Casino

C$300 + 200 Free Spins

1500+ games

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Casino Midas

C$500 + 100 Free Spins

1000+ games

Mobile or App? Difference between “Web App” and classic applications

There are two ways to play with tablets and smartphones: online or by downloading Apps

Playing online with a Web App means connecting directly to the casino website, using one of the most common browsers (we recommend Chrome or Firefox). If the operator provides this method of play, you will be automatically redirected to the version best suited to your device.

Once logged in to the site, you can decide whether to play with fake money (in most cases without registration) or proceed to register to open a real money account. Of course, if you’re already registered, you’ll just need to log in to use the games.

This play mode has a couple of advantages: first, you don’t have to download and install anything. Second, you can access all the available games. On the other hand, the power required to process the games and slots is rather high, so to avoid slowdowns, you’ll have to be in possession of a medium-high-end phone or tablet.

Using apps downloaded from various stores or directly from the operators’ websites, on the contrary, requires less power. Accessing the games will also be faster because you’ll just have to “tap” on display to start.

The disadvantage, in this case, concerns the fragmentation of the games in different apps. Many operators have developed applications that give access to only one game at a time (or only one category). So, to switch between them, you’d have to close and open apps all the time.

Mobile Casino Android

Among the most popular operating systems, there is undoubtedly Google’s Android. Android devices are very popular and used by various brands that produce smartphones and tablets.

As a result, all online casinos that offer mobile gaming create special applications for this type of device. You can conveniently download them from the Play Store or look for the download link on the casino’s official website.

As we have already said, many casinos, instead of offering applications, have optimized versions of their site for various devices. In fact, all you have to do is go to the casino site from your smartphone or tablet, and you will get the version optimized for your operating system. After registering and logging in, you can start playing in instant play mode.

For sites not optimized for mobile, in addition to the Android Play Store, you can find links to download the application in a special section on the gaming portal.

Mobile Casino iPhone

All operators who decide to propose to registered players an offer dedicated to mobile devices take into account the most popular operating systems.

If you have an iPhone device with an iOS operating system or an iPad, you will not have problems finding the dedicated applications in the Apple Store.

Moreover, it is always possible that by visiting your casino’s website directly from your smartphone, you will be able to access various games in the live instant play mode. Although casino websites are not necessarily optimized to play from small screens, this does not exclude that you can do so.

Of course, even to play from your iPhone, you’ll need to register with the online casino and submit your ID to validate your gaming account. You can do this directly from your phone, thus also accessing the special welcome bonuses dedicated to those who sign up from mobile devices. Or you can simply sign up to an online casino from your computer and then log in from your smartphone.

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Mobile Casino: All the games available

These days, you will be able to find a wide range of mobile casino games, which until recently were not even available.

Online Slots: Initially, mobile casino games were simple games such as slots that did not require much design or maintenance. These slot games were far from sophisticated, as they were simply modelled on the original games found on online casino sites. Today, slots on mobile casinos are specifically designed for mobile devices and often feature very advanced technology.

Online Blackjack: During the last decade, casino software makers, such as NetEnt, with its Touch™, and even Microgaming, have begun to push the envelope and release high-quality casino games, especially for mobile devices. These games include extremely advanced mobile slots, such as NetEnt’s new online slot machine game Alien, as well as games such as Blackjack and even mobile versions of roulette and Texas Hold’em poker.

Live dealer online roulette: Thanks to live streaming, it is now possible to play live from a mobile device as well, though, of course, you need to have a good internet connection to avoid losing your line in the middle of a game.

Mobile Casino Security Guaranteed

Online gamblers can be largely satisfied with the level of security offered by online casinos today. Even though there are many sites with foreign domains that operate without the regular licenses (from which it is good to stay away because they do not ensure any kind of protection for their users), as far as legal casinos operating in Canada are concerned, maximum transparency is guaranteed by the Regulatory Authorities. The state body in charge of regulating gambling in Canada issues licenses to operate only after the operators of online casinos have demonstrated that they comply with all the strict provisions necessary to operate in our country. Each game and competition on a site with the authorization is subject to checks to prove the proper functioning, thus ensuring the protection of the player. In addition, the rules and operations of the game must be explained in a clear and understandable way to anyone.

Security is not only guaranteed for what concerns the games but also for all that has to do with the protection of transactions and sensitive data such as personal data (including copies of documents that serve to prove the identity of the player) and bank details (necessary to open a gaming account from which to withdraw funds and to credit any winnings). These sites, in fact, are used the latest encryption technologies (the same used by banks for their home banking services) to encrypt user data, making them inaccessible to any malicious intent.